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About Us

JCL was founded in 1997 by Susan M. Morris and has earned a distinguished reputation for service since its inception. JCL Traffic Services is a California licensed contractor whose goal is to provide safe construction, special event and filming work zones in Southern California by working closely with government agencies, construction supervisors, location managers, event producers and business and residential communities. We are committed to offering an improved level of quality within our industry marked by consistent and timely service at value priced rates. Film and Event Operations are managed by Edy Ramirez and Jim Morris who collectively offer over 40 years of experience in film and event site management, to include extensive experience in traffic management and planning operations. Jim Morris, as a Teamster Local 399 Location Manager, managed many major projects that includes feature films such as Armageddon, The Replacement Killers, Fools Rush In, Twister, Casino, True Lies, Terminator II, Another 48 Hours, and Harlem Nights in addition to television shows. JCL is a member of the Location Managers Guild International. Construction and Rail operations are managed by David Campos, who offers over 25 years of experience in construction and special event traffic management.

JCL is a distributor for all your traffic control needs: location signs, cones, delineators, stencils, post and sign hardware, traffic paint, sign posts, regulatory signs, sign stands and a host of other products are held in inventory for fast shipping. Custom coroplast, PVC, and aluminum signs and stencils are manufactured on-site for our film, construction, warehousing, retail and railroad customers.

As an organization, we are dedicated to quality and operational excellence. Throughout our organization’s existence we have successfully satisfied the most demanding client requirements and host cities by providing fast and accurate traffic plans, state of the art equipment, traffic signage and experienced, cooperative traffic control personnel. JCL welcomes the opportunity of being of service to your project.

Customer Service Hours
Monday to Friday: 7am to 4pm PST
Saturday & Sunday: Closed