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10 Essential Traffic Control Products for Your Next Film Location

10 Essential Traffic Control Products for Your Next Film Location

When it comes to filming a movie or show, safety and organization are key. From the actors and crew on set to the equipment and vehicles used to transport them, keeping everything in check is of utmost importance. Having reliable traffic control products around your film location is essential for keeping backlots safe, secure, and organized. This blog will examine some of the top products you should consider when planning your next movie shoot. 

10 Must-Have Traffic Control Products for Your Next Film Location

Whether you’re a producer or project coordinator, safety and organization are paramount on any film set. To ensure that your backlot stays safe, secure, and organized, several traffic control products are essential for keeping a successful production on schedule. Look at the top 10 traffic control products for your following film location. 

  1. Barricades: Barricades are great for cordoning off areas from cars and pedestrians. Whether you need to create a perimeter around an area or keep people out of certain places on set, barricades are an effective traffic control product. They come in several sizes, styles, materials, and colors, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.
  2. Caution Tape: This is another excellent way to keep people away from certain areas on set or alert them of potential hazards ahead, like wet floors or unstable surfaces. Caution tape also comes in several sizes and colors, so you can customize it to fit your needs perfectly.
  3. Safety Vests: Safety vests are a significant visual marker for staff on the lot and help ensure everyone’s safety by making sure everyone is easily visible during nighttime shoots or low-light scenes.
  4. Traffic Signs: Traffic signs are essential for directing traffic flow and keeping everyone aware of which areas should be avoided or accessed only when necessary (like restricted access zones). You can also use signs as part of your branding efforts by displaying company logos or specific messages throughout the lot to ensure everyone knows who’s in charge!
  5. Cones: Cones are great for creating temporary barriers between vehicles and pedestrians and marking particular areas such as parking spaces, construction sites, etcetera. They’re easy to transport and set up, making them perfect for any size lot area!
  6. Custom Film Signs: These custom film signs from JCL Traffic have become an industry favorite because of their simple, bold design and easy customization. JCL Traffic makes backlot management a breeze with their customizable film production signs. Designing and ordering your perfect sign for the event is effortless, with pre-made templates combined with custom wording options to fit any need.
  7. Flaggers: Flaggers are responsible for stopping traffic while filming occurs in public areas or when crossing streets with large equipment or props is necessary. Having flaggers present helps prevent pedestrians from dangerous areas and allows them to cross safely if needed.
  8. Lights & Flares: Lights and flares can be used in conjunction with barricades, signs, vests, and other items to create a marked perimeter around a film location; this makes it easy for motorists and pedestrians alike to spot any potential hazards before they enter an area where filming is taking place or when crossing streets with large equipment or props are necessary.
  9. Crowd Control Ropes & Stanchions: Crowd control ropes and stanchions help keep large groups of people away from areas where filming takes place while signaling which parts of the set are off-limits. These crowd control barriers can also be used as visual markers when setting up scenes.
  10. Flags & Banners: Flags and banners clarify which parts of a location are off-limits during production. They help alert passersby that there may be danger ahead by displaying bright colors like red or yellow, making them easily visible even from far away.

JCL Traffic is Here to Help with Your Next Film Production

Whether you need barricades, caution tape, custom film signs, flaggers, traffic signs, and more for your next production – JCL Traffic has got you covered. We are a leader in the traffic control products industry and can help ensure your projects run smoothly and safely. With our wide selection of products and customization options, you’ll be sure to find the perfect visual markers for your next film shoot. Contact us today to get started!

Traffic control products help keep film locations safe and organized while providing guidance and protection against unauthorized entry into restricted areas throughout the lot, making them an absolute must-have when planning any filming project! With these ten essential traffic control products at their disposal, producers and project coordinators have all the tools they need for their next shoot!

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