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4" x 150' Wet Reflective Pavement Tape ~ Yellow

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Wet Reflective Pavement Tape - 4" x 150' - Yellow - High-Intensity Reflective Outdoor Safety Tape - Permanent, Aluminum Base, Conformable, Retro-Reflective Foil Tape

Wet Reflective Pavement Tape | 4 in x 150 FT | Permanent Outdoor Reflective Tape | Wet Reflective Aluminum Base Pavement Tape

Introducing the Wet Reflective Pavement Tape - the perfect way to increase visibility and safety in any roadway or construction area. This tape is made from high-intensity reflective material and is visible day or night in all weather conditions. The aluminum base is durable and conforms to all surfaces, making it ideal for marking highways, streets, intersections, or anywhere traffic markings are required. The superior adhesive ensures that the tape stays in any climate, making it perfect for permanent applications. Thicker material provides long life in even the most high-traffic areas. Designed to be paved over, this tape is the ideal solution for marking off driveway aisles, road markings, vertical surfaces, or work areas. Create a safe environment for drivers and pedestrians with the Wet Reflective Pavement Tape.

  • Use only Wet Reflective Pavement Tape for maximum retro-reflectivity and safety; any other pavement tape will be less effective.
  • Aluminum Base: Wet Reflective Pavement Tape is made to be durable and adaptable so that it can conform to any road surface.
  • Superior Adhesive: Wet Reflective Pavement Tape's unique adhesive ensures easy unwinding, a permanent grip, and eliminates stray tape, minimizing replacement costs and limiting liability.
  • Wet Reflective Pavement Tape lasts longer and is more reflective than paint but costs less than removable tape.
  • Superior Reflectivity: With more than three times the retro-reflectivity of temporary paint, Wet Reflective Pavement Tape is a safer way to lead drivers. This tape also has a better target value than raised pavement marking systems.
  • Offers 2x greater visibility than temporary paint, increasing driver reaction and response time in unpredictable construction zones
  • Wet Reflective Pavement Tape is the perfect customizable product as it can quickly adapt to any pavement surface. Whether you have concrete, asphalt, or chip seal, Wet Reflective Pavement Tape will serve your needs.